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Yumiko Murakami

Yumiko Murakami is co-founder and general partner at MPower Partners, an ESG focused venture capital fund. Ms Murakami is the former Head of the OECD Tokyo Centre. She joined the OECD in 2013 and was at the forefront of policy discussions between OECD and governments, businesses and academia in Japan and Asia covering a wide range of economic policy issues. 

Prior to joining the OECD, Ms Murakami held a number of leadership positions as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. She has diverse professional experiences, ranging from banking in New York and London to UN Peace Keep Operations in Cambodia. Yumiko Murakami has an MBA from Harvard University, MA from Stanford University and BA from Sophia University. She sits on the Japan Advisory Board of Harvard Business School as well as several advisory committees of the Japanese Government. 


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