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And that’s a wrap – The APEC CEO Summit finishes on a high

Day two, the final day, of The APEC CEO Summit 2021 has come to an end and included a 19 year old White House advisor, a professor of social psychology, the head of Air Asia and a conversation between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda.

12 November 2021

APEC CEO Summit closes, with a hand over to next year’s host Thailand

The two day, fully virtual, APEC CEO Summit has come to a close, with New Zealand Chair, Barbara Chapman handing the Summit hosting baton to Thailand’s Dr Poj Aramwattananont.

12 November 2021

Climate crisis a slow burning fire - 19 year old Whitehouse Advisor

Jerome Foster II, who at 19 is the youngest ever White House advisor in US history, spoke to the APEC CEO Summit about his work for climate justice, particularly for communities of colour. 

12 November 2021

Sustainability at the centre of food production

Global food producers are putting sustainability at the centre of their business, says Food Industry Asia Executive Director Matt Kovac.

12 November 2021

His Excellency Joko Widodo President of Indonesia

The digital economy and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises must become a new source of growth for an inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy, the President of Indonesia, His Excellency Joko Widodo, told the APEC CEO Summit.

12 November 2021

Young people give Sir Ian Taylor hope for the future

On the second day of the APEC CEO Summit 2021, Sir Ian Taylor (Ngāti Kahungunu) founder and CEO of Animation Research and Innovator of the year 2019, told the story of his whakapapa (ancestry).

12 November 2021

The Next Focus for Business — Jonathan Haidt

Executives balancing the needs of a wide range of stakeholders including Gen Z workers are in a battle of ‘all against all’, American social psychologist Jonathan Haidt told the APEC CEO Summit on its second day.

12 November 2021

'We all need to take action on climate change'

Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes talked with Tian Wei, China Global Television Network host, about his views on sustainability, and said airline companies are not the only organisations that need to take action on climate change.

12 November 2021

'Silence is not an option for CEOs'

Richard Edelman, CEO of global communications firm Edelman, spoke to the APEC CEO Summit about the trust landscape, and how in recent years business has become the most trusted institution across the world.

12 November 2021

CEO Summit - day one wrap!

Day one of the APEC CEO Summit has drawn to a close with words of warning and encouragement from world leaders, international academics and global CEOs.

11 November 2021


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