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APEC 2021 LIVE with Business: Doubling the Stakes on Green Energy

Hosted by Contact
October 2021

APEC economies consume approximately 60% of the world's energy, yet on current trajectories, they will not meet commitments made in the Paris Agreement. A major shift in energy policies is needed across the region to move towards carbon neutrality.

New Zealand has long been a world leader in renewable energy – thanks to the abundance of hydro and geothermal resources. Green energy generation and storage is evolving, providing solutions to support affordable, reliable and sustainable energy and reduce carbon emissions for more countries. Green hydrogen will become a viable and cost-competitive alternative to petroleum-based fuels.

Contact Energy’s APEC Live with Business session will consider new developments in hydrogen and how hydrogen can be used for green energy, opportunities for business in the region to decarbonise, and the role of government to support the transition to renewable energy systems using hydrogen.