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APEC 2021 LIVE with Business: Doubling the Stakes on Green Energy

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Hosted by Contact
4pm - 5pm (NZT), 27 October, 2021   

The immense potential of green hydrogen energy was the focus of discussions at APEC 2021 Live with Business – Green Energy & Hydrogen: How hydrogen can support decarbonisation, hosted by CEO Summit Premier Partner, Contact Energy.

Versatile and scalable, green hydrogen presents an exciting and rich opportunity to move APEC economies towards carbon neutrality, and decarbonise industries, such as heavy transport and industrial production, which traditionally rely on fossil fuels.

Panel discussion 

Panellists from all corners of Aotearoa New Zealand reinforced that advancing green hydrogen and harnessing its full potential across the APEC region will require meaningful collaboration and partnership between the public and private sectors.

No one economy or company can do it alone, outlined Contact Energy CEO Mike Fuge in his opening address.

Home to 2.8 billion people, APEC economies consume approximately 60 percent of the world's energy, yet on current trajectories, they will not meet the carbon reduction commitments made in the Paris Agreement. Panellists discussed advancements in green energy generation, storage and emerging solutions to move more APEC economies towards carbon neutrality and away from petroleum-based fuels.

Where to from here: building the green hydrogen economy

Scaling the green hydrogen economy must in itself be sustainable, explained Hyundai Mobility AG CEO Mark Freymüeller.

“In building the hydrogen economy, it is important that from the very beginning we ensure demand and supply go hand-in-hand and the ecosystem is built in a way that it can grow together and ultimately become economically viable,” said Mr Freymüeller.

Doing so, said Sir Tipene O'Regan, former long-serving chair of the Ngāi Tahu Māori Trust Board, is essential, not only to ourselves, but to future generations.

“Hydrogen can assist us in decarbonising our transportation structure, lighting our homes, cooking our foods and supplementing so much of the energy requirements we have. We have a moral duty to ourselves and our grandchildren to get our heads around this question,” said Sir Tipene.

Speakers and panellists

MC & Moderator

HE Laura Clarke OBE , British High Commissioner to New Zealand.

Keynote speaker

Mark Freymüeller, Chief Executive Officer, Hyundai Mobility.


Tā Tipene O'Regan CRSNZ, Chair Ngāi Tahu Māori Trust Board;

Sir Stephen Tindall GNZM, Co-Founder and Philanthropist;

Dr Linda Wright, Chief Executive, New Zealand Hydrogen Association;

Mike Fuge, Chief Executive Officer, Contact Energy.


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