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APEC 2021 LIVE with Business: The digital future of work

Hosted by Microsoft
September 2021

What will the average work day look like in 2040? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and highlighted how essential digital technologies are for work, businesses and the provision of public services. 

This rapid shift, paired with a more gradual trend for technological change, globalisation, demographic shift and climate change has changed the nature of work and trajectory of occupations and industries. 

Digital technologies have the power to make work and economic growth more accessible than ever for smaller businesses, people with disabilities and rural communities. But it can also exclude these groups. What does the future impact of digital technologies on work look like in sectors around New Zealand and the APEC region? 

How are businesses navigating the short-term upheavals and longer-term trend for changed ways of working that digital technologies can support or in some cases, force?