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Our priorities and objectives Ngā mātāmuatanga
me ngā take matua

Our priorities and objectives Ngā mātāmuatanga
me ngā take matua

New Zealand led APEC at a time of unprecedented disruption, and priorities and objectives were set to help us demonstrate APEC's relevance, both here and abroad.

Our policy priorities

Each year’s APEC host announces the areas that it believes APEC should progress during the year. These are the policy priorities. New Zealand’s policy priorities were announced at the start of the APEC year, during the Informal Senior Officials’ Meeting (ISOM) in December 2020.

Economic and trade policies to strengthen recovery

In a nutshell, this priority focusses on APEC’s economic response to COVID-19. This priority encourages trade and economic policy that supports openness, connectivity and a reduction of friction at the border. The goal is to reduce barriers, making it easier for companies to trade and do business throughout the APEC region.

Increasing inclusion and sustainability for recovery

This priority acknowledges the need for APEC’s long term response to COVID-19 to be sustainable and inclusive of all people. This will enhance the participation of such groups as women and indigenous people in the economy, and ensure that their contributions are valued. It will also ensure that the recovery can be used to improve sustainability outcomes including in the area of climate change. 

Pursuing innovation, and a digitally enabled recovery

The final priority focusses on APEC taking advantage of innovation in the digital space.  These innovations can improve the way business is done – making it more efficient and adaptable. This priority depends on the appetite of APEC members for embracing open and competitive markets for new technologies.

Our objectives: 

Our strategic objectives describe our mandate and are what we are accountable for. By achieving these objectives, our hosting will deliver benefit to New Zealand over the coming years.

Lead a collaborative regional response to the economic impact of COVID-19

Hosting APEC in 2021 is a significant opportunity for New Zealand to work with APEC economies to support the region’s response to COVID-19. 

APEC has played an important role in managing crises in the past, like the Asian Financial Crisis and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). During our host year, New Zealand will seek to play a leadership role in APEC’s response to COVID-19 so it can again step up and support the region’s recovery.

Demonstrate the relevance of APEC

New Zealand is planning to lead the process to develop an action agenda that will implement a new vision, the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040, which is the successor to the Bogor Goals from 1994. This vision will shape the Asia Pacific for decades to come. It champions for an "open, dynamic, resilient and peaceful Asia-Pacific community by 2040, for the prosperity of all our people and future generations".

Position NZ as an enabler of digital diplomacy

Hosting the first entirely virtual APEC is an opportunity to show leadership and innovation in the fast-evolving world of digital diplomacy, building on the work of Malaysia, whose host year transitioned from physical to virtual.

We aim to show that we are a creative digital economy, committed to progressing the region's COVID-19 recovery, while promoting both sustainability and equitable access for all participants. 

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In March 2021, two new objectives were added. These objectives are to:

Demonstrate New Zealand’s partnership with Māori and inclusive approach by connecting indigenous peoples to the work of APEC

New Zealand will advance indigenous economic inclusion as a policy priority within APEC and grow indigenous connections by establishing an ‘APEC adjacent stream’ as a platform for Māori to grow their relationships with indigenous peoples on trade & economic matters.  The New Zealand government will also create a partnership model which will enable Māori to shape and influence areas of APEC 21 that are of interest to Indigenous Peoples.

Profile New Zealand to support our trade recovery strategy

New Zealand will leverage our leadership of APEC to showcase New Zealand internationally, enhance our evolving brand and further New Zealand’s broader trade and economic interests to support our COVID-19 response and recovery.  We will profile New Zealand as a trading nation and amplify our reputation as a desirable business partner.

Join, Work, Grow. Together.
Haumi ē, Hui ē, Tāiki ē.