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Inclusion and innovation the focus for Peru's recovery

Inclusion and innovation will be the main drivers of pandemic recovery for Peru, says its President, Excellency José Pedro Castillo Terrones.

Addressing the global audience in the CEO Summit, President Castillo acknowledged the enormity of the challenges ahead and the inequitable effects of the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has had a strong impact on the economies of the Asia-Pacific, and has most markedly affected certain sectors such as micro, small and medium enterprises; women in all their diversity; youth; dependent and self-employed workers; and indigenous and native communities.”

President of Peru José Pedro Castillo Terrones.

With a large proportion of Peru’s population in the informal economy, inclusive policy would enhance resilience to future economic shocks. Bringing them into the formal economy would strengthen their legal protections and improve their access to credit, technology, training, and trade markets.

Innovation would also have a role in the Asia-Pacific region’s recovery to maintain business competitiveness and efficiency. The promotion of scientific and technological research and development with practical applications would be particularly important, he said.

“We must prepare, collectively and individually, to face emergencies and disasters that we know will occur more frequently and more intense as a result of climate change,” said President Castillo. 

“The challenges are enormous. We have the will and the conviction to continue working to overcome this crisis, but above all, to move towards a fairer, more equitable and sustainable development process.”