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Congratulations to the Wellington Gold Awards winners

The winners were announced on Thursday night at a celebration involving nearly 1000 people.

APEC New Zealand is proud to be the Keynote Sponsor of the Wellington Gold Awards 2021, supporting New Zealand businesses that care about sustainability, capture innovation, and model inclusion.

The awards celebrate excellence and enterprise of businesses in the Wellington Region and, since being established in 1999, have become an eagerly anticipated annual event.

This year’s theme – APEC 2021 Gold - is fitting; the capital is playing host to the bulk of APEC's virtual meetings throughout 2021, and most of the work being progressed at those meetings is directly related to doing business in the Asia-Pacific.

Members of APEC border the Pacific Ocean and make up 38% of the world’s population and about 60% of global GDP. From right here in Wellington we are coordinating meetings with officials, presidents and prime ministers from across the region - under the motto: “Join, Work, Grow. Together. Haumi ē, Hui ē, Tāiki ē.

Our focus is on three priorities: Economic and trade policies that strengthen our region’s recovery; increasing inclusion and sustainability for recovery; and pursuing innovation and a digitally enabled recovery.

We’re proud to be involved, and will be updating this page with highlights from the awards tonight.

Congratulations to the 2021 Wellington Gold Awards winners:

The 2021 Dominion Post Gold Award
Described as producing the “best nut butter on the planet” by New York Magazine, now selling in thousands of stores worldwide. And the winner of  the Global Gold Award, in association with ANZ.

Supporting Gold
In association with Beca

Adulttoymegastore: An online retailer for everything adult, leading conversations around sex, self-love and sexual health.

Cyber Gold 
In association with PwC

Farm Focus: Providing world-class technology to enable farmers to stay at the top of best farming practices internationally.

Innovation Gold
In association with Plus64 Connect

CoGO: Offering consumers an app integrated with 5 major banks allows for tracking spending in real-time.

Emerging Products Gold
Products in association with HNRY

Able Spaces: Building affordable, sustainable, transportable homes, delivered nationwide.

Vibrant Gold
In association with Sharesies 

CupaDupa: An extraordinary and unique performance arts festival, connecting the community and pushing creative boundaries.

Team Gold
In association with Find Recruitment 

Chorus: A holistic Wellbeing Programme has helped transform their workplace culture and create a positive work environment.

ACC Workplace Safety

Bradley Project Management: Putting workplace safety processes and wellbeing at the forefront of their operations.

2021 New Thinking Award
In association with Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington

Jesse Wong,: Entrepreneur and founder of luxury leather goods brand Yu Mei.

Green Gold
In association with Greater Wellington Regional Council

Little Yellow Bird: Using 100% organic rain-fed cotton and tracing raw materials from farm to factory.

Creative Gold
In association with Dinosaur Polo Club

Resn: A digital experience agency striving to "make the internet a little bit awesomer every single day".

Emerging - Services
In association with Duncan Cotterill

WombatNET: Building networks in the more remote areas of the region to provide fast, affordable broadband to families, businesses and individuals.