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APEC studies centres advance region’s research agenda

The New Zealand APEC Studies Centre at Auckland University hosted this year’s meeting of the APEC Studies Centres Consortium virtually on 6-7 July.

The consortium is a region-wide network of research centres engaged in research related to policy objectives agreed by APEC members.

It brings together researchers from across the APEC membership to share the progress and results of their research, and its implications for APEC’s pursuit of its objectives. 

The themes of this year’s conference,  chaired by Dr Rob Scollay, centred on key themes of the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040, agreed by APEC Leaders last year for implementation beginning this year: trade and investment, harnessing the potential of the digital economy, sustainability, economic and social inclusiveness, and the regional response to Covid-19.

“APEC brings together the dynamic but very diverse economies of the Asia Pacific to share knowledge, experiences and capacities in developing  consensus on policy frameworks and cooperative actions in pursuit of common objectives of economic growth, sustainability, and social and economic inclusiveness” said Dr Scollay. 

“The APEC Study Centre Consortium conference was an illustration of the capacity of the region’s research community to contribute to this process”.

The next meeting of the Consortium will be organised by Thailand’s APEC Studies Centre in 2022.