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Our roadmap to APEC 2021 Te Mahere ki APEC 2021

Our roadmap to APEC 2021 Te Mahere ki APEC 2021

APEC brings 21 economies together to tackle challenges, and help each other prosper. Hosting is a once-in-20-year opportunity for New Zealand and there is no other event on the calendar with such potential to shape our region’s future.

A fully digital APEC for the first time ever

In June, the New Zealand Government announced that its entire host year would be run virtually, giving the certainty needed to make this massive event happen. 

Ensuring APEC can continue to meet and function in a time of global disruption shows it can continue carrying out its important role in regional cooperation.  

When New Zealand last hosted APEC in 1999, officials and leaders experienced our culture and hospitality. 

This time New Zealand will be showcasing a different kind of APEC, as it becomes the first host of a fully virtual APEC year. This is an opportunity for New Zealand to help pioneer digital diplomacy, and involves hundreds of meetings and events with 21 economies in 11 time zones. 

We aim to create an environment using digital platforms where different points of view can be expressed, and where connections are strengthened.

APEC NZ has been meeting with businesses, academics, Māori and communities across New Zealand to shape both our policy priorities and opportunities, delivering economic benefits beyond 2021. 

Read more about APEC's role here.


Making New Zealand’s host year happen


SOM Chair Vangelis Vitalis and APEC New Zealand Deputy Secretary Andrea Smith talk about the opportunities APEC 2021 presents.

Leading New Zealand’s host year are APEC New Zealand Deputy Secretary Andrea Smith and SOM Chair Vangelis Vitalis.

In 2021 APEC economies will be focusing their efforts on the COVID response and economic recovery, and the many forms this can take.

“Hosting APEC in 2021 is a really important opportunity for New Zealand to be at the leading edge of shaping the agenda of the Asia Pacific,” Ms Smith says.

The COVID-19 recovery will require new and different ways of thinking. As host for 2021, that sees New Zealand helping lead a collaborative response. APEC’s 21 economies will meet virtually in hundreds of meetings throughout the year that will shape the decision-making process.

While COVID-19 has obviously changed everything for everybody in the region and beyond, Mr Vitalis says 2021 “is an enormous opportunity for New Zealand to galvanize action in the APEC sphere … and really deliver meaningful benefits and meaningful responses to the crisis”.

Ms Smith says that action will help ensure the work that APEC does throughout New Zealand’s host year and beyond is “very much able to contribute” to the economic recovery of the region.

Join, Work, Grow. Together.
Haumi ē, Hui ē, Tāiki ē.